What Are The Fastest Growing Vegetable Seeds

The fastest growing vegetable seeds available are for Radishes. Radish seeds can go from not being germinated to full radishes, ready to be eaten in about 2 months or less. If you are interested in growing vegetables fast, this is the vegetable for you.

Even if you don’t enjoy eating radishes, this might be a fun vegetable to grow as it will allow you to experiment with growing vegetables quickly and nearly hassle free.

Radishes prefer cooler temperature than most other vegetables, so they are perfect to grow in the spring or in the fall when the weather is cool.

Radishes will become spicier, the longer they remain unharvested until they actually become more woody and will begin to crack.

They prefer full sun and somewhat dryer, yet still moist soil and can grow up to 1 foot tall (although you harvest the root for food).

Another fast growing vegetable is spinach (lettuce seeds are similar). Spinach is also great in the Spring or Fall and almost everyone loves spinach in their salad (however, not everyone enjoys cooked spinach as it has a very unique taste). While you can start eating spinach after 3-4 weeks, you will want to wait around 5 or even 6 weeks if you want to harvest the most amount of spinach, say for your salad.

Spinach prefer dryer soil and will do best in full sun or partial shade with the soil not very moist.

The third vegetable that grows very quickly is green beans. Green beans are a treat and many consider them a stable of any home garden. While they aren’t as fast as radishes or spinach, they are ready to harvest after about 6 or sometimes 7 weeks, depending on other factors like the environment and sun exposure. Either way, you will be ready to eat them in no time!

Like spinach they prefer full sun and somewhat moist, but not overly wet soil.

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